Directorate of the Festival:
Sevil International Documentary Film Festival is the Independent and the Non-Commercial Organization of Azerbaijan, which holds the competition for non-fiction.
Aygun Rashidova.

The status of the festival:
The 2nd Sevil International Women’s Documentary Film Festival will be held in Ganja on August 23-28.

Objectives of the festival:
To support the development of the documentary film industry in Azerbaijan;
Provide a context for discussion in Azerbaijani society on important societal topics that are actively discouraged from being discussed;
To raise the awareness of women’s role in society through film screenings and discussions;
To promote the documentary film and filmmaking culture and environment in Azerbaijani local communities;
To be trigger for regional youth in actively participating in the film festival.

Organizing Committee:
Sevil Women’s International Documentary Film Festival is a non-profit, independent film festival of Azerbaijan. Preparation and administration of the festival will be carried out by the organizing committee headed by the festival director. The structure of the Organizing Committee is formed by the director of the festival.
Currently, the festival program consists of two main sections:
Best full-length documentary
The best short documentary
The best local documentary

Documentary films by local filmmakers on gender issues are accepted in the quota of the Azerbaijan Competition. Films of foreign filmmakers covering gender themes will compete in the categories of “Best Full-length Documentary” and “Best Short Documentary” in the International Competition Quota. The films participating in the competition will be evaluated by a pre-selected jury.
The organizing committee.

Competition Program:
Short and Full-Length documentaries will be accepted within the local and international competitions. Screening of participating films will be arranged according to the duration of the films.

Out-of-Competition Program:
The out-of-competition program is developed by Organizing Committee:
Accepted films have the right to be shown outside the festival for a year.
The festival will cover Ganja and its remote areas. The films are also shown in the “Outliers” section.

The professional program is compiled by the Organizing Committee and includes:
Within the scope of the festival, 3 days of documentary film and informative professional seminars and festival on gender issues will be held. The program also includes documentary film discussions and film analysis meetings with directors.

Accompaniment Program (side events):
The accompanying program includes forum theater, special performances, music day, puzzles, photo printing and city tour.
Admission Requirements for the Competition Program:
Applications must be submitted by 15th July;
The subject of documentaries should cover gender issues;
Submitted films must meet the criteria that can be considered in the documentary category;
Participating films must be shot after January 1, 2019;
A participant can send an unlimited number of works to the festival;
All films of the competition program will be screened in the original language, with Azerbaijani or English subtitles;
The Sevil International Women Documentary Film Festival does not pay screening fees. By submitting my film to this festival, I am giving consent to allow Sevil International Women Documentary Film Festival to screen it in the territory of Azerbaijan if selected;

If selected for the festival, the shipping costs will be paid by the participant. Sevil Women Film Festival will pay the return fee. (DVD / Blu-ray CDs are non-refundable.);

Films and the above must be completed and submitted 3 weeks before the screening date;

The copyright of the competition films is regulated by international law. The person who presented the film (director, producer, or other authorized person) informs that he/she is entitled to have the right on the film and plenipotentiary to the screening of the film in the festival.

Selection Panel:
The Organizing Committee appoints a Selection Panel consisting of independent professionals working in the field of Documentary Film. Members of the Organizing Committee can be members of the Selection Panel. The Panel selects films for the competition and other programs among the works submitted for selection. The decisions of the Selection Panel are final. The Selection Panel reserves the right not to explain the reason for the refusal and not to comment.

The Jury:
The international jury is elected by the Organizing Committee.
The jury selects the winners in 2 categories. The jury consists of 3 people in each section. In both sections – jury of local and international film contests is selected from full-length and short-length films.
The Organizing Committee may participate in the discussions.

Sevil IWDFF is a festival aimed for the general public. The festival will be held in the city and remote areas. Tickets are not required.

The jury selects the winners in 3 categories.
* Best full-length documentary;
* Best short documentary;
* Best local documentary;
* Best student documentary;

And “Audience Award” which is selected by the audience attending the festival, rather than by the festival jury or a group of critics.
Sevil IWDFF does not intend to establish cash prizes. Organizing Committee and founders retain a right to change this decision during the festival. Furthermore, the Organizing Committee may provide the right to sponsors to establish their own award. Winners are announced by the Jury or Organizing Committee at the Closing Ceremony

Guests of the Festival:
The organizers of the SIWDFF festival do not cover the expenses of foreign and local guests and participants in 2021. During the organization of the festival, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to change this decision regarding certain guests.

General Provisions:
This Regulation was compiled in Azerbaijani and English. The text in the Azerbaijani language is preferred when there is a contradiction among the texts of the regulations. Participation in Sevil IWDFF involves accepting the terms and conditions unquestionably that is used in this regulation. Any questions and controversy arising during the preparation and implementation of the festival shall be resolved by the organizer of the festival in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.