Sevil International Women’s Documentary Film Festival is the independent documentary film festival in Azerbaijan, focusing on gender issues, operating since 2020. The festival brings a selection of critically acclaimed films from all around the world to Azerbaijani audiences and encourages public discussions around various gender-based issues. In addition to offering a diverse international line-up, the festival promotes local filmmaking by arranging a short and full-length film competition open to submissions from local artists. Moreover, the festival is organized out of the capital city, where these kinds of art events and activities are not accessible for people.

Our team

Aygun Rashidova

Executive Festival Manager

Aygun Rashidova is a freelance journalist publishing in Azerbaijani and regional media. Rashidova did her MA degree in Journalism and Media Management at Georgian Institute of Public Affairs. She worked on international documentary film festivals including CineDOC-Tbilisi (2018-2020) and DokuBaku (2019) and is the founder of Sevil, an international women’s documentary film festival in Azerbaijan.

Pari Abbasli

Executive Management Assistant

Pari Abbasli is a journalist. She writes and conducts research on culture, technology, gender equality, and new media. Since 2020, she has been working as a project manager and magazine designer of the digital art magazine MUZA, which was created to increase the cultural activity of young people and provide them with an alternative platform. It is a pleasure for her to be assistant festival manager at the Sevil International Women's Film Festival!

Durna Safarova

international relations manager

Durna Safarova runs the international relations of “Sevil” and curates the “Best of Fests” program. Working in the field of non-fiction storytelling for more than 15 years, Durna is a commissioning manager at ChaiKhana Media currently. She is experienced in various positions in journalism, film production, film distribution and collaborated with the world’s leading documentary sales agencies. Durna is the author of various shorts and contributed to award-winning films such as "The Guest: Aleppo-Istanbul", "All Monsters Are Human".

Aygul Gurbanova

media and communication manager

Aygul Gurbanova is a writer, editor and film critic, photographer. She writes film and literary criticism articles, works on stories and screenplays on many cultural platforms. She takes photos in the poetic genre, artistic photography. Many fields of art, local art movements, works of local artists, art events and exhibitions taking place in the country are the target of research. Currently, she is the media and communication manager of Sevil Women's Documentary Film Festival.

Babak Otrok

graphic designer

Babak Otrok has been working as an independent graphic designer for 11 years. Since 2017 he is an art director of Guyu journal which is published by Bashla and starting from 2021 he is performing the same role at DokuBaku IDFF. At the moment, he is working at Ucqar Film team as a specialist in Graphic design and post production. Babak is also performing a role as a graphic designer at Sevil International Women’s Documentary Film Festival where he enriches the team work.

Gunel Imanova

venue manager

Gunel Imanova works as a theater actress. Currently, she also works as a Venue Manager for the Sevil Festival collective. Gunel is encouraged and happy to see the Sevilfest team working with female power. At first, she was engaged in finding venues for theater scenes and performances. Therefore, finding venues related to festivals and films is her first experience, and this field is very interesting to her.

Khavar Najaf

Head of Volunteers

Khavar Najaf is an independent project and event organizer who's writing blogs on gender, youth work & non-formal education topics. As a former ESC (European Solidarity Corps) volunteer, she's excited about being a Volunteer Manager at the SEVIL International Women's Documentary Film Festival.

Nazrin Asgarova

Guest Manager

A humble Azerbaijani youngster, who worships art and loves to explore various shades of colors in the stories that contain it, as the world is not a perfect place. Joining the team on this journey as a Guest Manager at the Sevil International Women's Film Festival, would thrill her even more.